Ash Madni, Madni Technologies (UK)
Ash Madni
Managing Director
Madni Technologies (UK)

A veteran of 37 years in the Analog Integrated Circuit Design industry, Ash Madni continues to contribute to the rapidly changing world of Microelectronics. Ash has worked for a number of big companies, such as Ferranti, STL, GEC Plessey Semiconductors, Maxim Integrated, Dialog Semiconductors, to name a few.

He has also worked in startups, such as Phyworks. During his tenure at GEC Plessey Semiconductors, Ash raised over 20 patents, including Synthesis Exploiting Algebraic Design, which was used successfully in a number of products. Ash is currently running his consultancy, Madni Technologies (UK) ltd.

For relaxation, Ash enjoys walking, spending time with his wife, daughters, grandchildren and friends. Ash is an active composer in Chamber and Orchestral music. Inspired by the works of Shelley and Stoker, Ash is working on his first SciFi novel Transmutation – the rise of Hemonra. Passionate about the Semiconductor industry, Ash is an active blogger for the Electronics Weekly website